13 ways to lose a point when playing beach tennis

New to the fabulous sport of beach tennis and were curious about some of the rules or a seasoned player who has never really paid too much attention to the rules. Well look no further, here we outline 13 ways you can lose a point in a game of beach tennis.

  1. Let the ball land on the sand in your court

  2. Serve the ball into the net and it lands back on your side of the court or outside of the court on either side

  3. Serve the ball and it hits the net post and lands back on your side of the court or outside the court on either side

  4. Serve the ball outside of the court

  5. Intentionally distract your opponent whilst the ball is in play

  6. Your team hit the ball more than once to get it over the net

  7. Any part of the player’s body or his/her equipment touches the net

  8. You make a foot fault

  9. Invade/enter the other teams court area from anywhere during the point

  10. The ball in play touches a player or anything that that player is wearing or carrying, except the racket

  11. A player receiving the ball hits it ball before it has passed over the net

  12. The ball touches a racket when a player is not holding it

  13. A player touches any part of the court within the Prohibited Service Return Zone before the ball is in play

Surprised by any? Did we miss any? We would love to hear about it!

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