20 Reasons why you should start playing beach tennis in 2020 poster

20 Reasons why 2020 should be the year you start to play beach tennis

Whether you are looking to burn off the calorie excesses of Christmas and New Year, want to meet new people or simply want to try something new, 2020 is shaping up to be THE year for you to take your first steps into this fabulous emerging sport! Your only regret will be that you didn’t try it sooner. Here are 20 compelling reasons for you to give Beach Tennis a try in 2020.

#1 The Calorie Burn

The average person playing beach tennis burns at least 300 calories per hour. So if you are looking for a fun way to move more that can be as vigorous as you want it to be this is the sport for you. Interval training without you feeling like you’re doing interval training.

#2 Its super easy to play

It’s not Tennis. It’s Beach Tennis. Due to the size and padel type racket used to play, decompressed balls which slow the game down, simplified rules and the fact the ball isn’t allowed to bounce mean an absolute newbie could be introduced to the basics skills of the game and having a rally going within a few minutes.

#3 It’s fun for all ages

No matter your age, level of fitness or mobility everyone can enjoy this sport. The sand makes for a more forgiving surface on ageing lower body joints, especially the knees, and diving around on this safe surface adds an additional fun factor.

#4 It’s a full body workout

Running and lunging in the sand whilst more forgiving on the joints, helps to strengthen parts of your lower body not usually affected from exercise on regular surfaces. Its also a great cardiovascular workout so your hearts and lungs benefit as well.

#5 Its super sociable

Whilst other racket sports demand quiet and focus, fun and energy are central to Beach Tennis. Usually played to feel good music, where players of all abilities play next to and opposite each other, the chat on and off the court is as important as the play on it.

#6 The ITF World Ranking system

There is a robust and mature World Ranking System at the centre of the sport, expertly governed by the International Tennis Federation, and it’s not just for professionals. If you’ve ever fancied being World Ranked at a sport, Beach Tennis could provide you with that opportunity. Just enter an ITF event and win a match and bingo.

#7 Beach Culture is at it’s heart

Its about the people, the language, the fashion and the lifestyle surrounding the sport of surfing that has defined the vibe we seek at the beach. This vibe is also at the heart of beach tennis. Laid back, fun, daring, cool. Beach tennis really is the cool sibling of the main gain.

#8 Its an excuse to go outside

Whilst the beach is synonymous with summer, it’s still important to get that all important vitamin D and head outside and play under the winter skies. When it’s all to easy not to, arranging to go for a hit with friends will let you get some fresh air, the wind on your cheeks, and the time spent with others.

#9 Adrenaline Beach Tennis provide the equipment

Did we mention you don’t need to have equipment to get involved with Adrenaline Beach Tennis? We provide you with everything you need to get started and until you feel you want to invest in your own racket. Just wear loose clothing relevant to the weather conditions. Layers if its cold and come join the fun!

#10 No specific fitness level needed

If you want to become the best then obviously fitness is key, especially in sand, but to get started no specific fitness level is required, you can make it as vigorous as you can manage. A natural bi-product of playing beach tennis regularly however will be increased levels of fitness.

#11 Great for mental well being

All sports are fantastic for mental wellbeing mainly due to the natural endorphin release that can happen, but coupled with social interaction, often in the sun, in a relaxed beach setting and music playing in the background, Beach Tennis really easily lends itself to fight against mental health problems. If you suffer from any kind of mental health issues or just want to find a new way to relax and unwind, join Adrenaline Beach Tennis. The only regret will be that you didn’t find us earlier.

#12 Its all inclusive

The only thing we care about is playing Beach Tennis and enabling everyone else to do so. We don’t care what you look like, how big you are, who you are attracted to, what food choices you make, your religious beliefs and definitely not your chosen football team.

#13 Can be played on any surface

So its fair to say that the game is played on sand, and practice is best done on sand, but the core racket skills and principles of the game can be taught on any surface. Grab a racket, stick a net between thats 1.7m between you and someone else and off you go!

#14 You can make a career out of it

The ITF Beach Tennis Tour is a professional tour, if you have ambition to have sport as your career path, this could be the sport for you. It’s a professional sport in many parts of the world. So if you love to travel for work and love racket sports this could be the sport for you. It’s only going to get bigger and better!

#15 It’s now recognised by the IOC

In 2019 the IOC ran the first World Beach Games in Doha. Beach Tennis was included. This paves the way for Beach Tennis to soon be considered an Olympic Sport. It’s obviously not making its way into the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, but we are hopeful it will make its way into the Paris programme as a demo sport in 2024 and then as a full sport in 2028 on the beautiful beaches of Los Angeles. The entire Beach Tennis community are backing it!

#16 It improves co-ordination

Like all racket sports in order to get yourself in the correct position to make a shot and then make the shot hand eye co-ordination is critical, and Beach Tennis is no different. Add in the movement in and around the sand this makes for an even bigger co-ordination challenge. Regular play will dramatically improve your body co-ordination and your hand eye.

#17 It’s affordable

Did we say it only costs £3 per 2 hour session to join in with an Adrenaline Beach Tennis session? And no only that, all basic instruction and equipment is provided.

#18 It’s not all about the serve

Where power historically dominates the regular game of tennis, Beach Tennis is more about tactics, stamina and finesse, the surface, the rules, the and the equipment mean power does not dominate and tacticians or the tenacious can rule the court.

#19 You can travel the world

Whilst an emerging sport in the UK, there is a global network of clubs and competitive opportunities. The global beach tennis community is large and growing, so you could if you so desired play your way around the world.

#20 Its easier on the joints

Did we mention we mainly play on sand. Whilst beach tennis can be played anywhere you have a net, ball and racket, the sport really comes alive in the sand. Its easier on the joints and for the agile, diving for a shot is safer than on other surfaces.

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