Covid-19: Guidelines for returning to Beach Tennis in England

Guidelines as at Sunday 17th May 2020

On Sunday 10th May, our Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a “conditional plan” to enable some semblance of normality to return to English society following our country managing to flatten the curve of the Corona Virus. Off the back of that, our National Governing Body of Sport, the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) drew up guidance for Tennis in England, and the next tentative steps to return to the tennis playing nation we were before this pandemic began.

The guidance from the LTA goes a long way to clarify what Beach Tennis players should and should not be doing during this period of the pandemic (Covid Alert level 4 moving towards 3 as defined by the Government). However, Beach Tennis faces specific nuances in the UK that other variants of Tennis don’t generally face. We hope it is useful to our Beach Tennis playing community in England, and when permitted in the rest of the UK, to know how we (Adrenaline Beach Tennis) intend to move forward and play Beach Tennis safely. 

At the present time, Adrenaline Beach Tennis will not be running any club sessions including the regular Sunday Social. This guidance is for people with the equipment to play, access to sand or a sand court, who want to play with people in their households or one other. And how to do so safely.

  • Arranging play

  • Permitted with someone from the same household

  • Singles – permitted with 1 other person outside of the household where following the setting up/down and playing guidelines below

  • Singles where players from different households.

  • Designate 1 person (singles) before heading out as the “set up person” to provide and set up/take down the court (net and lines) when arranging the hit with someone outside your household.

  • Designated person must own and bring the equipment with them and take it away again. 

  • Doubles – permitted if all players are from the same household

  • Coaching is to be 1 to 1 only


Before leaving home

  • Wash hands for 20 seconds minimum with soap and hot water

  • Pack hand sanitiser

  • Pack your racket. If you don’t you’re own racket or cannot borrow one from anyone in your household, don’t play. To buy your own racket we recommend Dropshot. We have a number in stock and have a great deal with the brand, so get in touch and we can help get you back on the sand.

  • Clearly mark your beach tennis balls with a unique identifier, and don’t forget to pack them in your bag. If you do not have your own marked balls, you should not play

  • Pack your water bottle, you should not be sharing drinks

  • Consider if you have had, or have been in contact with anyone showing any kind of related symptoms, if you have or you are not sure, do not go

  • Pack some gloves


On arrival

  • Singles, where players from different households only the designated person to set up court (net/lines) (where required)

  • Person/s not setting up to remain at least 2 meters from any part of the setting up area (including equipment stations)

  • All players to protect themselves from any other non playing persons in the immediate area


During play

  • Only touch beach tennis balls that are clearly marked as yours

  • If you need to return an opponent’s ball that is on your side of the court, flick it to them with your racket head without handling the ball directly

  • Only the designated “set up” person to adjust and touch the net, and any associated fixtures and court lines during play

  • On change of end, change at opposite sides of the net and do not touch the net or any fixtures connected to it

  • If you do have to touch the court equipment for any reason during play and you are not the designated set up person wash your hands or use hand sanitiser immediately

  • If playing music during play the owner is the only person permitted to touch the speaker

  • If you need to cough or sneeze at any time, use a tissue or do it into your elbow, and then use your hand sanitiser

  • No tapping rackets or high fives

  • If a line is dislodged during play and needs putting back into place, pause play and the set up person to reposition it before play resuming


After play

  • On completion of play, persons not designated with court set up/take down should collect their marked balls, racket(s) and other personal items and leave the court area as soon as possible

  • Only designated court set up/take down person or household to take the down court (where required)

  • All payments to cover any associated court hire to be done by bank transfer between people in different households

  • If you have hand sanitiser then use it before you travel home

  • Take everything away with you, that you brought to the court

  • Do not congregate after play


On return home

  • Wash hands for 20 seconds minimum with soap and hot water

  • Sanitise all equipment that was used/present at the session



  • Don’t make open invites to play to a wide group 

  • Don’t share equipment unless you are part of the same household

  • Don’t touch court equipment unless you are the designated person/household

  • Don’t directly touch other people’s beach tennis balls that fall on your side of the net during play



  • Follow government guidelines at all times, they supercede these

  • Stay home if you have any symptoms that are known to be associated with Covid 19, or if you are not sure

  • Stay home if someone in your household is unwell with symptoms associated with Covid 19

  • Outdoor play only

  • Keep to the 2m social distancing advice throughout with anyone not in your household

  • No large gatherings, and do not invite people to come and watch

  • If the venue has a Clubhouse it is to remain closed.


    Have fun, be responsible, be safe 

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