A sports club's new years resolutions to it's members

So a new year often brings personal reflection, more often than not people start reflecting on their lives, past year or their future and decide to change something for the better. So this year we thought Adrenaline Beach Tennis could benefit from its own set of New Years Resolutions. Something simple, to strive for and guide us to growth and development in 2020. So here are ours. We will reflect back on this just before 2021 to assess how we did, and come up with a new list for 2021.

Happy New Year to everyone in the beach tennis community, both here and abroad, to experienced players and all those who will find this glorious sport this year!

2020 NY Resolutions Image


In 2020 we want to spread the word about this amazing sport. So few people actually know it exists, but one thing is very very apparent, once someone has come along to an Adrenaline Beach Tennis session their only regret is that they didn’t find the sport Beach Tennis sooner, and in particular this club sooner. So in 2020 we are committed to raising awareness of the sport and the club, and tripling our members. With more members, we will have more opportunities for competition, for coaching, and for funding. We are serious about this sport, and we are determined to make sure everyone knows it!


With the only sand court facilities in the UK being at a college in Bournemouth, the British weather can have a fundamental impact on the delivery of Beach Tennis. We know that to get better, we need to practice and we know that to bring more people into the sport we need to be consistent with our delivery of Beach Tennis, but being outdoors can sometimes impact this. As a result this year, we commit to playing every single Sunday. We are going to seek to find an indoor solution. A temporary one we can fall back on when the weather outside is just too poor and a permanent one where we can establish an indoor home for all sports who play on sand. But whatever the weather, every Sunday we are going to play!


Regular competitive opportunities are critical to the development of sport and keeping people interested. So as we build the tribe we will also be building a league. Allowing people to put themselves up against each other, at date and time of their choosing. With this comes logistical issues with access to court time and equipment but we are committed to working with each other and the local community to pull this off. We owe it to our members. Adrenaline Beach Tennis league is definitely coming soon!

So there you have it. The Adrenaline Beach Tennis New Years Resolutions! 3 simple things we can focus on, and measure in 2020 to make sure we grow and develop.

Are you a sports club? Have you got your own new years resolutions? If so please post them in the comments, we’d love to know we’re not alone, and maybe learn from each other in the process.

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