Why we launched the Adrenaline Beach Tennis YouTube Channel

About 3 weeks ago the marketing team for Adrenaline Beach Tennis decided that one way to raise awareness of Beach Tennis in the UK was to create our very own YouTube channel. As a sport, Beach Tennis naturally lends itself to fun online viewing, and as such we felt that our club and brand deserved a place on the world’s second largest search engine. During lockdown we had already started creating an instagram video series call Adrenaline Beach Tennis 1 on 1 with… with the aim of interviewing the players of the club

As a super minority sport, one of our aims as a beach tennis club in the UK is firstly to raise awareness that the sport exists, how to play, where to play and then how to get involved, this simply means we need to work out how to harness the power of YouTube, as a vehicle to reach and enthuse the next batch of beach tennis addicts to know the sport exists, where they can play and then to motivate them to take action and get involved.

Its only the very beginning of our YouTube journey but as Beach Tennis is such a fun, visual sport with music at its heart we think it’s going to be an exciting one.

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