Low compression ball makes for a slower game than regular tennis, giving you a bit more extra time to get into position for the winning shot

Paddle type rackets with short handles makes it easier to control the ball

Doubles is the main format, meaning you share the load with your playing partner

It’s all about the Volley

As the nets much higher than regular tennis, it’s not all about the serve

beach tennis Helps to release endorphins, reducing stress levels

beach tennis is Highly social, with fun, friendship and relaxation being the predominant aim

beach tennis is Usually played to feel good tunes – giving that summer holiday vibe

beach tennis requires Lots of quick decision making – gives your brain a workout

beach tennis is Mostly played outside – giving you a nice dose of vitamin D

beach tennis Builds confidence and self-esteem

beach tennis can help to improve concentration and sleeping patterns 

playing beach tennis is Great for the heart and the waistline – a head to toe workout in disguise

Due to being played on the sand, beach tennis is super easy on the joints

beach tennis can Improve muscle strength, bone strength and your stamina


Playing beach tennis generally burns more calories than cycling, aerobics or inline skating over the same duration

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